Our Chef

Masaki Yoshitsuka (“YOSHI”), the founder of Buddha’s Favorite, has over 20 years of experience in the restaurant business. Born into a family that owns a successful noodle shop in Fujisawa, Japan, he naturally developed an interest in cooking.

YOSHI graduated from Yokohama Professional Culinary School and holds a Japanese culinary license. Since he obtained this license, he has been trained by a famous master chef, Tori Kazama, at one of the most prestigious restaurants in Tokyo, specializing in the traditional Japanese cuisine, called “Kaiseki”

After acquiring a variety of skills in preparing visually attractive and sensitively delicious kaiseki cuisine, YOSHI decided to visit the United States where Japanese food has grown immensely popular.

YOSHI’s commitment to developing new types of Japanese cuisine in the US and his dedication to preserving its traditional beauty will continue to inspire creative dishes at Buddha’s Favorite. YOSHI’s specialty is preparing interesting and unique sushi dishes for his customers. Be sure to ask for his lollipops or shrimp boat.

YOSHI maintains strong cultural ties and heritage to Kamakura, where he grew up. Kamakura is the Japanese city known for its Giant Buddha, hence, YOSHI’s inspiration for naming his restaurant Buddha’s Favorite.

His personal philosophy is the basis for Buddha’s Favorite: to show a genuine concern for the wellness and happiness of people and to prepare visually attractive cuisine with top-quality ingredients that will enrich the quality of life and contribute to cross-cultural communication. He says, “Having a restaurant is a wonderful business to be in. When people leave the restaurant with smiles on their faces, saying ‘we had such a wonderful time’ it inspires me.”