Los Angeles Times     October 28, 2000  

Style With Substance –Surfer dude sushi chef serves generous portions of personality- By David Lansing 

Miko Uchida blushes and puts down her chopsticks when I ask her why she left Japan for Los Angeles. “I was a big movie fan,” she says. “I came to Los Angeles to be in movies.” 

She laughs and rolls her eyes at the very notion. Instead, she earned a law degree, passing the bar last July. Now she’s a business litigator. But while in school and wondering how to become a famous actress, she worked as a waitress at Hama, a popular Japanese restaurant in Venice.  READ MORE…



Daily Pilot     February 28, 2002      

DINING REVIEW By Kathy Mader  “Buddha’s Favorite Food Revealed at Lido Isle Restaurant” 

Here is a question that pops up often.  If Buddha were in here and now, what would be his favorite food?  A gal can get to wondering.  Wonder no more.  The very charming and clearly labeled Buddha’s Favorite on Lido Isle, right behind the Blue Water Grill and across from the Cannery, lays it all out for you.  Buddha’s Favorite is now one of mine.  READ MORE…  


Metro.pop     Spring, 2002 

Buddha’s Favorite, hidden away in the back streets of Newport Harbor, offers a relaxed dining environment with a spectacular waterfront view.  The staff is knowledgeable, and quick to recommend any of the popular favorites on a generous menu of soups, salads, noodles, sushi and sashimi.  Buddha’s Favorite offers an array of “Japanese wild mountain vegetables,” the likes of which this reviewer has rarely seen.  Both the Beagle and Buddha’s Favorite are popular hand rolls that are nearly as visually striking as they are delicious.  The pan-fried tofu steak is an appe-tizer must, featuring a lightly-seared tofu patty covered with green onion, mushroom stems, Japanese roots and a sweet terikaki con-coction.    It’s packed in the evenings, but if there’s a wait, Buddha’s Favorite offers a nice selection of infused sake to sip while you take in the view.


Orange Coast Magazine     March, 2002 

“Sushi for the Romantic” 

At Buddha’s Favorite, locals rave about sushi, noodles, and location, location, location.  That’s because the sashimi salad is as seductive as the gorgeous oceanfront view.  Other temptations include the chicken donburi (teriyaki chicken and rice bowl) and the udon and soba noodle soups with a choice of topping.  Bring a date of for a sunset dinner to remember. 


The Orange County Register     October 3, 2003 

On a warm day, I like my noodles like a short skirt: cool and saucy.  Paired with a splash of sake – also chilled – eating cold noodles is down-right grown up and civilized.  there are a few basic guidelines when ordering cold nooldes.  the crucial question is: soba or udon?  Soba, thin noodles made from buckwhat flour, are nutty in color and taste.  Udon are thick, toothy cords made from white flour.  Soba are more popular and would seem to be healthier, while udon are slippery as a snake and a bit more fun. . . .   READ MORE…